In February of 2009 Wattle & Daub Contractors was awarded the Colorado Historical Society’s prestigious Governor’s Award for the restoration of the 1921 Ault High School in Ault, Colorado. In 2007, we received the Steven H. Hart Award for our restoration of the John and Inez Romero Home, now known as the “Museo de las Tres Colonias” in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Our ability to meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Structures while remaining on schedule and on budget using Arizona State University’s award-winning “Best Value” construction management process is clearly demonstrated by these results.

wattle and daub • (wôt’l and dôb) n: a framework of woven rods and twigs plastered with clay and used in ancient building construction. Plate 2: thatched wattle & daub cottage, Devonshire, UK